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Ski Lessons

Ski Lessons

When we first came to Les Gets we took the safe (but definitely more expensive) option of using English Ski Schools. Probably due to concerns over language and worries that our kids would be stuck in a non English speaking group. This never materialised when we went to ESF.

There are some great English Ski Schools and I cannot fault the teaching we received. We have used -



However, a few years ago we switched out allegiance over to ESF.

I say this because we have found every ESF instructor we have ever used amazing. They are all lovely. All speak English and have been wonderful with our children.

I think as an overview, ESF ski school should be viewed along the lines of “you get what you pay for”

ESF offer three types of lessons.

1 Group lessons - the cheapest option. Groups can be good and are ideal for ‘childcare”. You or your child will learn to ski but only to the level of the slowest member of the group. Every process of the lesson takes longer. Twelve people getting on a lift, twelve people waiting while someone gets themselves up or waits for the instructor to help them up. I have friends that actually love taking it easy and don’t want the pressure of rushing.

2 Prestige lessons - Max 6 in a group (even on peak weeks like Feb Half Term). This worked really well when I took my kids at half term. We could not get our normal ESF ski instructor so we tried Prestige and even during the very busy February Half Term the largest group my children were in was actually 5 kids. Prestige works because of the amount of skiing that the children can achieve in one week. To put that in context. My three children who had not skied before finished the week skiing Black runs, off piste and absolutely loved the experience. It was worth every penny.

3 One to One ESF Instruction - For my other half, with her kids we’ve generally been lucky enough to have one to one ESF instruction. This is a luxury but in the course of two years both her children have completed their Gold level of ESF. The ESF instructors we have had have been amazing. I cannot fault them. They have become friends to us and we now book directly with them. Other friends that have come skiing with us have used them and have had equal success. If you want to end up skiing quickly with your kids or really focus on improving your own technique then one to one is the way forward.

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