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General Information

General Information

For many people booking and organising a ski holiday is a stressful and expensive experience. You end up spending hours on various websites before you piece together a holiday slightly unsure, if on arrival at the resort you have made the right decision on the elements that you have booked.

So we have provided you with all the general information you may need whilst you are staying in Les Gets.

General Information

Feeling sore?

Morzine Massage comes to the chalet and offers massages, reflexology and hot stone treatments.
Tel: +33 6 67 52 49 36

Luxury Treatment?

For some luxury, use the spa at Hotel Marmotte. @ 61 Rue du Chêne
Tel: +33 4 50 75 80 33

Shopping and General

The shops in Les Gets are open 7 days a week during the ski season, but are closed for lunch between 12 and 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

For food, there is a small, but well-stocked Carrefour on the main high street. Or if you are driving up from Geneva, there is a large Carrefour hypermarket and a Lidl in Cluses en route when driving from the UK.

The post office is in the old town. In winter it is open am and pm with a break for lunch. In summer, it is open from 10.30 to 12.30 only, Mondays to Saturdays.

The Tourist Office is in the centre of the village, next to the town hall (Mairie). They are very helpful and speak English.

For petrol/diesel, there is an Elan garage on the main road to Morzine, just as you leave Les Gets on the left hand side.


Emergency Services?

Doctor/ Dentist?

Hopefully not something you’ll need, but just in case....

Doctor: Cabinet Médical Tel: +33 4 50 75 80 70

Dentist is in Morzine: Calba Tel: +33 4 50 79 15 96 (332 Taille de Mas de Nant Crue, Morzine 74110

Call: 112 – This can be called from anywhere in Europe

SAMU (Ambulance and emergency services) : Call: 15

The SAMU is the coordinated service to call in case of any serious medical emergency. A qualified doctor is always available to determine the type of response that best fits your situation, specifically, whether you need an ambulance. Otherwise, you’ll have to carry the cost of the ambulance transport. Alternatively, you could request a light medical vehicle (véhicule sanitaire léger or VSL) to get to hospital.

Fire brigade Call: 18

The French fire brigade, called les sapeurs pompiers, can also be called in cases of medical emergencies, such as traffic and domestic accidents.

They work closely with the SAMU and employ professional, health, medical and volunteer brigades.

Police Call: 17

This number puts you in contact with the appropriate emergency police services nearest you.

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