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Traveling to Les Gets Flying

The choice to get to Les Gets from the UK is basically fly or drive. The Eurostar train service doesn't work with the location of Les Gets. I tend to decide my mode of transport before I consider Accommodation.

I say that because British Airways are often released 350 days before you can travel. Easy Jet release later but either way, the sooner you book the less you pay. If you wait around to secure Accommodation then flights can often be massively inflated in price. It is your choice but to secure low priced flights even at peak times you have to book early. For driving you can wait a little later.

Flying to Geneva

The two main carriers are British Airways and Easy Jet If you want to book early and want to save money on flights, go with BA. I have also found checking in bags much easier at Geneva (coming home) with BA. Using London as an example, Gatwick and London City have flights around 06.30 which means that you arrive in Geneva before 9.15 am. This also helps with transfer times as you tend to avoid any congestion on the route up to Les Gets.

Things to Consider

London City Airport

London City is a great little airport. Very quick to get through for security both ways and worth bearing in mind if you don't need to park your car for the duration of your trip. Public transport links are good to London City with the DLR running into central London.

Download the British Airways EasyJet App

TIP - Download the British Airways and EasyJet app to your phone and check availability of flights. For BA they release 350 days in advance for most routes some so you can book the morning they are released and get a great price. I have seen those initial prices quadruple or more by the evening. Often BA do not release their Gatwick flights until later than other airports. Hence check the app daily.

I have flown a lot with EasyJet but more so in the summer. My vote would be BA2736 06.35 from Gatwick to arrive Geneva 09.05 for a ski trip. Early start but worth it when you are in fresh powder on the slopes by lunchtime.

If you are going to park at Gatwick for the duration of your trip look at Ace Meet & Greet Gatwick. (www.aceairportparking.co.uk) Situated at South Terminal for British Airways and North Terminal for EasyJet customers they are reasonably priced and ideally located near the terminal entrance.

TIP - When you arrive back at Gatwick phone the company to say you have arrived once you are at Passport Control. By the time you grab your bags your car will be ready for collection in the car park and you can make a quick exit without waiting around a further 15-20 minutes.

Once you arrive at Geneva airport.

Again, personally, you have two options and both need to be considered decisions. Do you take a transfer direct to the resort or do you actually need a car while you are staying in Les Gets. I think that depends on when you are travelling. Being a relatively low resort and looking at the statistics on snowfall dictate whether a car is a requirement. For example, when we visit at Xmas and Easter we always have a car. This is to cover potentially low snowfall in the resort at these times. Having a car gives you a quick option of driving up to the higher resort of Avoriaz (travel time 15 minutes) which generally would have more snow. You can take two busses from Les Gets to Morzine and then Morzine to the Prodains lift but we have found that time consuming and a bit of a pain with the kids, skis etc


We have found that there are two options on a transfer that work depending on your personal preference. The cheapest option is the Alpy Bus. A reliable and cheap door to door service that offers either a shared or private route from Geneva to Les Gets.

The second company we use is www.alps2alps.com. This is a private transfer company that are expanding quickly and now include a ski hire service that works well. Both these companies are reliable.

Hiring Cars -

Always hire the Swiss side of Geneva Airport. The cars are always better, they are better equipped for winter conditions, the transfer time is quicker and route more simple to navigate.

I always use Rental Cars which trawl all the car companies based at the airport and offer you the best deal. Every booking you make through them accumulates points which lead to a 5 or 10% discount on future bookings.

TIP - when you get to the rental car desk they try and sell you a full insurance package which can be very expensive. I would strongly recommend you buy a gap insurance policy before you travel. This is a separate policy that covers the difference between the basic insurance policy that the rental car offer and the full payout. Lots of policies available online.


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